List of products by brand ARMANI EXCHANGE


A | X was founded in the United States of America in the 90s. The brand was born within the world of Armani, from which it takes its essential style, but at the same time develops its own and well-defined identity. Armani Exchange targets a young, modern and informal consumer who lives in trendy and dynamic cities such as New York, Milan, London and Tokyo. The launch of the collection develops around a series of basic garments to convey refinement and sobriety and energy of the new generation of designers.

season after season, Armani Exchange evolves in perfect harmony with the transformation of the trendiest and most fashionable styles. following this transformation, AX assumes an increasingly global position in the high fashion market. Armani Exchange has now become the symbol of a new "city style" in which the modernity, creativity and "all-digital" of metropolitan kids mix with Italian taste and creativity, for Armani's art and culture. in an original and innovative meltingpot.

fresh, urban, lively, fast and accessible. This is the Armani Exchange style which translates into a collection of garments with a strong personality.